If there is one Coarse fish that I have been guilty of neglecting over the years, it must be the Tench. However, a few weeks ago I made a point of targeting these beautiful fish for the first time in a tiny pond but found it almost impossible to get through the masses of Rudd. I did manage one very small Tench and thereafter vowed to give them a lot more of my time in future.

This morning saw the chance for me to keep my word. Another pond was needed and I had been hearing of a perfect candidate. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate any further as I’ve promised not to give the location away.

A 3.30am start saw us arrive at the venue in almost perfect conditions, slight cloud cover and very little wind and promptly afterwards we had lines in the water. I had opted for Quivertip rods and feeder tactics, one rod set up with a standard Method rig and the other with a heli-rigged cage feeder with Gordon adopting a similar set up. Hook baits were maggots, Corn and worms.

Gordon was first to get the first interest within 30 minutes but what had shown interest in his worm was no Tench, indeed it wasn’t even a fish. Gordon had just bagged his PB Terrapin. Luckily it was only lightly hooked and was returned with no problem.

This Terrapin was an unusual catch

I was next to get a bite, a solid bump followed by a huge drop back. A sweep of the rod tip and the fish was on. After a nice fight in barely 3 feet of water the fish was on the bank, a lovely fish of around 3lbs and having only caught a couple of Tench in the past, a new PB.

A new personal best Tench at 3lb 1oz

Another 2 fish quickly came my way, another of around 2-3lbs and a small hard fighting male of about 1 1/2lbs before Gordon finally got his shot and another small male graced us with his presence.

A small but welcome fish for Gordon. His first ever Tench

At around 7am the bites started to die off. This was expected but perhaps not quite so soon. The strengthening Easterly wind may have had an input but nevertheless a productive few hours was had and it was home in time for breakfast.

Another lovely fish of around 3lbs
And a 4th fish. A small male rounding off a great short session

This was one of the shortest sessions we have had recently but a positive and enjoyable one. I can safely say that these fish will without a doubt be featuring in my future fishing plans and with any luck, a few more Tincas will be on the bank.

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  1. Well done there’s some buettys in there beleive some ove four but most averaging about three and carp hitting double figures now


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