Our latest session saw us head south to Dumfries and Galloway in search of some Carp action on light gear. All too often many anglers are guilty of setting out ‘over gunned’ for these fish but there is no better way to fully enjoy the pure dogged power of these fish than to target them on the Quivertip.

The soft progressive curve of a good Quivertip rod allows the angler to use lighter lines, as it absorbs the lunges of the fish, while still having enough backbone to handle bigger Carp.
There’s little more exciting in fishing than watching a Quivertip twitch and bounce around as fish nose around your bait just meters away, waiting for the inevitable buckling over of the rod as a fish inhales your hookbait and bolts.

Fishing at close range with pellet baits, paired up with a Method feeder, placed in the margins or under an overhanging tree and awaiting the rod slamming over must be one of the most exciting ways to catch Carp.

Even the Roach were fairly keen on our 8mm Krill pellets
A steady stream of Bream kept us busy in the initial hours, although these can become a bit of a nuisance when you know there are Carp about.
The odd nice Ide added a bit of variety. But still no Carp after a few hours.

After a slow start with only a few Bream, Roach and Ide showing interest, we finally found the Carp and thereafter it was non-stop sport. We didn’t manage any big fish, the best being around the 8lb mark, but on light gear you don’t really need them.

A move of only a few meters along the bank to an overhanging tree finally produced some Carp.
A modest but perfectly formed ‘Linear’ Mirror Carp for Gordon.
The best of the day. A lovely 8lbs Common
The Carp continued to come with each short move along the bank. Three to five fish from each area gave us a steady run of great sport. Pound for pound and on light gear, these small Carp must be one of the hardest fighting Coarse fish around.

Commercial Coarse fishing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it can be great fun and although it might not be the most challenging fishing, I thoroughly recommend you give it a go. Even if just once.

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